[Journeys with Final Round AI] I landed a six-figure tech job with a history degree

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3 min readJan 3, 2024
Journeys with Final Round AI Episode 1

Journeys with Final Round AI is a series of user submissions about their experiences with Final Round AI. Below is a submission from a user in Stockton, CA.

1. Trilogy through local university
2. Graduated in 2020
3. History degree
4. Had three jobs so far, but all under $60k

My background is above. Guess what? I aced my tech interviews and landed a tech job with a $150k salary. Oh, by the way, I also have a history degree — wild, right? All thanks to this cool AI tool called Final Round AI. Wrapped it up in 2023.

So, here’s the scoop — I landed this full-time job as a product manager in tech in the middle of last year, where I did not have direct working experience in any role in tech. Final Round AI wrote and refined a product manager resume for me based on my previous experience and selling points that related to product management. Honestly, I did not expect too much at that time, but they bumped me up to an interview from a middle-size tech firm in LA. And, for sure, I passed the 10-round interview with the AI Interview Copilot.

You know I’m in my early 20s, trying to shake things up career-wise. Honestly, I feel as if I’ve hit the jackpot. Whenever folks chat with me about career changes, I tell them straight — any degree helps, especially with those pesky automated job screenings, but the connection between your experience and the job requirement does matter.

Let me tell you about Final Round AI. This thing’s a game-changer. Some of my competitors are super talented coders or experienced in tech products, but I had the edge with Final Round AI. This tool got me through every interview question you can think of. We’re talking technical, behavioral, the works. It was like having a personal coach in my pocket.

I still played my part. Got those professional headshots, polished up my LinkedIn, following-up message, all that jazz. Tailored my cover letters, made sure each one had a personal touch. And yeah, I built a cool personal website with my projects and resume that was refined by Final Round AI — even managed all my job emails through it.

So, here’s the real deal — keeping it 100% genuine. No faking, no nonsense. The whole process taught me how to be myself, but better. It’s all about showing up curious, a bit humble, but ready to roll up your sleeves. And if there’s something you don’t know? Leverage AI 100% and show how you’d tackle it. Works like a charm.

So, here’s to crushing it, man. If I can turn things around at this age, you’ve got this in the bag too!

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